Accreditations & Certifications

PAYBOX BY VERIFONE holds accreditation and certification from GIE Cartes Bancaires, Visa and MasterCard, and from non-bank issuers and acquirers for its distance selling and local payment services.

Paybox payments platform is certified as complying with the PCI/DSS Standard (Payment Card Industry / Data Security Standard) by VISA and MasterCard.
This certification specifies the application of the most stringent security rules with a view to protecting the banking card data communicated during payment transactions. The certification is granted after an audit which checks the application of the specifica¬tions and is controlled every quarter by intrusion tests on our platform.


Paybox by Verifone allows its traders to benefit from the 3D Secure service, referred to by the Visa and MasterCard networks as “Verified By Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode”.



Paybox by verifone is also affiliated with many groups and associations:


The company Verizon provides us with support for the PCI DSS “security audit certified by Visa and MasterCard”. This programme enables all companies using electronic payment solutions to check that their level of security linked to their online payment transactions complies with the security standards imposed by Visa and MasterCard. (PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).


The French Bank Card Group designs the system’s general architecture, draws up the standards and interbank procedures needed for its operation and ensures that they are respected. The Groupement CB is responsible for the rules defining each of the system’s functions – issuing cards, managing withdrawals, accepting payments – as well as technical specifications and information exchange tools.


PAYBOX BY VERIFONE is a member of ACSEL. This association brings together e-commerce and online services professionals. A forum for dialogue and discussion, ACSEL defines itself as a business club. Drawing its strength from its diverse and rich pool of members, its proposals for action are taken into account and have already helped to develop the internet environment in France.


PAYBOX BY VERIFONE has been a member of FEVAD (E-commerce and Distance Selling Federation) since 2010. FEVAD seeks to bring together e-commerce and distance selling players whatever the industry sector and communication media used. FEVAD now brings together over 370 companies and close to 600 websites working in B2C, B2B and C2C.


PAYBOX BY VERIFONE works closely with MERCATEL. MERCATEL was founded in 1986 by companies working in commerce and distribution. It brings together industries and service providers; IT services companies, consultancies, professional organisations and experts.


Paybox by Verifone is a member of CONCERT International association. Founded in 1987, CONCERT International is a professional association which contributed to the emergence of the chip card usage in various new sectors globally. This professional association gives the opportunity to its members to support the development of the payment sector by sharing exceptional know-how and expertise.


Paybox by Verifone is a member of BeCommerce, Belgium association for active business in online and distance selling. Thanks of information, promotion and certification for the e-commerce website (BeCommerce quality label) and a specific code of ethics and business conduct, BeCommerce want to make evolve the online business and reinforce the client trust regarding distance selling.