Test Platform


Paybox provides merchants and integrators with a test (or pre-production) platform with easy and free access.
This environment allows validating the correct integration of the Paybox solutions without taking any risk.
Indeed, the payments processed within this environment are not transferred to the bank or the private acquirer. Thus, it is possible to process many tests in order to validate the integration without real financial impact (no debit or credit of the cards).


To access to the standard Paybox System service :


To access to Paybox System Light (iFrame) service :


To access to Paybox System Mobile service :


To access to the Paybox Direct service :


To access to the Merchant Back-office:


Unlike the production platform, the pre-production platform does not provided redundancy. For each of the above services, there is only one unique URL to call and no backup URL. It is important that, in production, the merchant information system is able to switch from the primary URL to the secondary in case the first one is not available.
For Paybox System, see URL appelée.