API Solution: Paybox Direct

Paybox Direct can be used in two scenarios :

  • Add-on to the Paybox System :

As an add-on to the Paybox System solution where Paybox Direct offers a server-to-server integration to debit cards previously authorized, or refund a card in case of a return of the order or simply to cancel a payment that will not be delivered (fraud screening, etc..)
Paybox Direct allows to automate certain operations and offers an important gain in efficiency to larger merchants.

  • Paybox Direct as a stand-alone solution

As a stand-alone solution, Paybox Direct allows the merchant to capture all payment details (provided his infrastructure is PCI/DSS compliant) and submit the payment to the Paybox platform over a server-to-server link for authorization and settlement through the Paybox Direct API.

 Supported features are:

  • 19 different operation types (authorization, capture, cancel, refund, credit, inquiry, …)
  • The return contains enriched information (country of issuance, reject reason, card hash, token, …)
  • Support for alternative payment methods
  • Multi-currency support
  • 3-D Secure and selective 3-D Secure support
  • Configurable fraud management tools
  • Delayed capture/debit
  • Two leg transactions (authorization / capture, debit)